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Why Audacity Always Pays

why audacity pays
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“At the very moment when people underestimate you is when you can make a breakthrough.”
― Germany Kent

My friends, I can’t believe it…

This week my audacity reached a whole new level.

If you’ve read my stuff before you’ll know I’m an advocate of DOING. Taking action, having the balls to try. Well, this week, once again, I fed off my own spiel.

On Friday night I went to bed as normal. By Saturday lunchtime, The Business of Life Club had a clothing line.

That’s right. I actually believe people will want to buy my clothing.

My wife said to me, ‘Who on Earth is going to buy your t-shirts, except maybe your mother?’

Harsh, but I’m comfortable when the odds are against me. Having a chip on my shoulder and something to prove only adds fuel to my fire.

I will always try everything that I think adds value to my audience.

I believe in what we do here, and the powerful messages I try and portray. I’m always willing to put my money and my time where my mouth is.

And the best part… this is a no-lose situation.

Maybe I’ll only sell one, thanks Mum!

So what? I’ve already won.

I learnt how to do basic graphic design this weekend. Soon, I’ll be introducing new products to my copywriting agency that will rely on design capability. I’ll be hiring someone, I need to know the basics. In one morning I got good enough to design t-shirts.

This further proves one of my other key messages – you can achieve anything if you are willing to pay the price.

I can write and write and write these things, again and again. But, unless I actually do, who am I to give advice on these matters?

The aim of The Business of Life Club is two-fold – to create, and document. To create and express my theories, and share my experiences of executing against them.

To bring you real, honest value. Giving you real ammunition you can deploy on your own quest to achieve your goals.

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What else did I get out of starting the clothing line?

Products! Obviously.

Good one’s too. There was no way I was going to sell anything sub-standard, ever. The t-shirts are premium quality and affordable. Maximum value given, always. It’s just a shame I can’t give these away for free too, like all my other content. Amazon like to make money, after all.

Available exclusively on Amazon, you can get them now! Men, women, and youths are all catered for, with a wide selection of sizes and colours to choose from. I will also soon be launching a new shop section on the website to display the designs, and to link to where you need to go on Amazon to purchase them.

I look forward to your support.

Oh, there is one drawback at the moment – for now the clothing is only available to US customers.

Sorry Mum.

Over to you my American friends… help me prove my wife wrong!

matthew brown the business of life club

-Matthew Brown

More information coming soon! Once the full initial range is released for sale.

For now, you can get a copy of my e-book for FREE right here:

The Business of Life Playbook: 50 life-changing tactics to design a rich life

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