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Why Today is the Best Day Ever!

today is the best day
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I’ve lived for about 11,900 days now without dying. I’m doing quite well. Maybe I’ll live forever. Or at least for a few more decades…

Maybe I’ll die tomorrow. Tomorrow is never promised, despite my flawless record of survival over the past 32 years.

Because I’ve never died I sometimes feel really old. Maybe you feel old too. Life sometimes seems to fly by, and sometimes it seems to last a long time. Life can be very hard, yet death seems so unimaginably horrifying. Maybe it’s the unknown that’s scary, not the actual dying part.


Presuming I don’t live forever, and even if I do, I’ll never be this young again.


That shit’s real.

You’re so young. Yet like me, you probably complain a lot, don’t you?


It’s only 2018! We don’t know what the future holds, and we’ve had long pasts, so we feel old. But I don’t want to feel old anymore. If you’re ninety reading this, I’m sorry. Or maybe I’m not, the afterlife might be way better than this life.

Anyway (again)…

I’ve just written a 3-year plan. I like plans, mostly. They help me to see the big picture and the future seems less scary and distant. But I don’t like goals. Or rather, I don’t like bullshit arbitrary goals.

‘By 2020 I want £10 million’


‘Erm, dunno.’

Goals have to be practical and exact. Otherwise they add no value and will only serve to disappoint.

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I have systems and strategies for constant growth, my goals will happen as a result. There’s a massive void between day to day tactics and ultimate goals. You need to fill in the blanks. You need to have systems and stick to them patiently.

So, what’s my point here?!

Well, today is the best day ever because you get to start…

Whether you’ve been successfully executing your plans for years, or you’re looking for complete reinvention in 2018, today you get to start the next chapter.

You’re the youngest you’re ever going to be again, use that to your advantage.

What were your goals three years ago? Has anything changed?

I felt uncertain and paralysed. I thought time was against me then too. Now I know that’s bullshit.

You can take your time and be patient. But you must START and DO.

Take constant action. Baby steps are better than no steps. You have all your life to achieve your bullshit ‘goals.’

Every day I do lots of things that I don’t know the long-term value of. I spend time developing my Twitter and Instagram, will they even have anyone’s attention in 5 years?

Who knows.

But I know you have to be in the game to have a chance to win.

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Put together your 3-year plan today, it takes 5 minutes. See the big picture and set yourself free from your worries and your impatience today.

Don’t mention money goals, house goals, or lifestyle goals. These are by-products of sound plans to develop yourself / your business. Think about how you are going to add value to others, that’s the only road to success.

By the end of 2020 you will thank yourself. In fact, you’ll thank yourself as soon as you’re done writing it down. Once you’ve seen the big picture.

Then look at your small tactics — your day to day and weekly actions. These can be liquid until you know what works for you. Then develop systems and processes so that it becomes second nature. But always remain adaptable and open to change and new opportunity.

Your day to day tactics are where the real value is. They ensure that you’re always doing and moving forward. Review constantly to make sure you’re progressing in the right areas in line with your long-term plans.

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What should you include on yours?

I don’t know.

Where do you want to get to in life? Start there, then work backwards to today. Then start your journey. Be proud of yourself in 2020 and beyond.

Eventually, I want to be an author, speaker, successful entrepreneur, and consultant. Will that make me £10million, or more?

I don’t know.

I don’t care.

Plans shouldn’t be about money.

Add value to the world, and the money will chase you.

matthew brown the business of life club

-Matthew Brown

What did you come up with? Please please leave any questions you have in the comments, I’ll help in any way I can. Much love.

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