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The Magic of Life at Christmas, and Always

magic of christmas
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Today I was shouting at a car park machine in public, it was really stupid.

Time is so precious. I shouldn’t have wasted any of it getting mad, the machine just ignored me anyway.

I was annoyed because there was no option to pay by card. I had no change and was in a rush. I got back in my car and started to leave…

Then out of nowhere, a woman came to my car window and gave me some money.

It only cost her £1, but she probably saved me an hour, and no doubt felt great herself for helping me out. She also got to teach her daughter a lesson in kindness and Christmas spirit. Thank you random lady, merry Christmas.

We only get to live this life, this year, this week, this day, this minute, once. There is more than a 400 trillion-to-one chance of you ever being born. One shot, one life, against all the odds. Why waste it being miserable? Why waste it not being completely, 100%, grateful for what you’ve been given?

Why not be grateful for shit car park machines?

Easy to say right? But not so easy to do.

Facts don’t dictate behaviour, emotions do…

I’ve been very guilty this year.

I’ve been mad, depressed, anxious, stroppy and impatient. Generally these things happen when I’m in a rush. I’m in a rush way too often, being in a rush all the time isn’t living life.

I’ve not helped enough random strangers this year. I’ve not spent enough time with those I love, and I’ve wasted an ungodly amount of time on things that don’t really matter. BUT, I have very high standards for myself, so maybe I’m not really that bad. Most importantly too, I forgive myself.

We are emotional beings, not rational ones. Negative emotions will occur. Life is hard. It’s OK to be sad, even at times of supposed joy. There’s no on and off switch to feelings, even at Christmas, but there is a lot of hope…

There is a mass of strength shared by all at this time of year; in communities and in spirit. If you’re struggling this Christmas, know that the world is with you. There will be a random person out there who can help you too.

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Get out into the world over Christmas, and uncover new hope for happiness and emotional well-being.

Go to a local event and say hello. Go to the pub and have a beer with the locals. Go to an old folk’s home and offer help. Make up with a long lost relative or friend. Buy a present for a child in need. Go on holiday. Find me and pay for my parking! Do anything that sets your heart on fire.

You are unique to the world, that is your superpower. It is a miracle that you were ever here, so act like that miracle.

Give yourself new meaning. Escape your problems, even if it’s just for a little while.

And you never know who you might meet, someone out there can change your life. You just need to give them the chance to find you.

Go out there and be you, with kindness and with love. You are way more valuable than you probably know.

The lady I met today was definitely worth more than £1 to me.

Merry Christmas to you, I wish you the very best, and may all your dreams come true in 2018.

-Matthew Brown

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