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Everything Can Be Fun, Even When It’s Not

everything is fun
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In last week’s article I wrote, “Everything can be fun, even when it’s not… 

Most emotional reactions in life manifest from mindset. If you tell yourself something is going to suck, then it will. If you’re excited about something, you’ll likely enjoy it more.

How you approach one thing should be how you approach everything. Ideally, positively and with enthusiasm.”

This is important, it needs more context, and we need to deep dive into it. So, here you go…

You might be wasting 71.5% of your life.

There is about a 400 trillion-to-one chance of you ever being born, and you could be wasting the remarkable opportunity you’ve been given to really live.

71.5% of your week is your Monday through Friday. When you hate your life and you’re praying for the weekend to come.

I hate a lot of things. I think. Hate is a strong word, maybe I don’t actually hate these things. Maybe I just look at them with a negative attitude: commuting, lazy people, Northern Rail, shit coffee, inefficiency and stupidity in relation to anything.

But, I’ve learnt to open my mind and try and take value away from every situation. I’ve learnt that everything can be fun. The things you hate can become worthwhile experiences. It’s simpler than you think.

Here’s what I try to do to extract every last bit of incredible value that life is whole-heartedly trying to offer me…

A) Learn

Every situation and experience, bad or good, presents an opportunity to learn. About people, topics, life, anything. Live a life predicated by curiosity, not frustration.

Great things come from the most unexpected situations, but only when we open ourselves up to new opportunities to learn. It’s amazing how this compounds over time, trust me, it’s the little nuggets of wisdom that you pick up that can change your fortunes the most.

Do this every day and good things will start happening. Good things are fun.

B) Love

Treat everyone like they are going to die tomorrow. Make their last day on Earth amazing, and you’ll get the same feeling in return.

Karma is always practical. Being loved and showing love to others is fun.

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C) Empathise

One of life’s biggest hacks.

People are at the centre of everything. If you can’t empathise with people, you’re going to lose. It’s as simple as that. The golden rule in sales, relationships, management, life, everything, is this: understand what is important to the other person. Then, act accordingly.

And always remember, if you’re wife’s being a dick, it’s probably your fault!

Empathy always wins. Help people by understanding them, and help yourself in the process. Helping people is fun, and intrinsically rewarding.

D) Encourage

None of us have had the same circumstances in life, not everyone is as lucky as you.

Who are you to tell someone that they cannot do something? If you’re on the other side of this, please don’t pay any attention to the well-meaning losers around you. Always believe in yourself, you don’t need permission to go out and succeed from anyone other than yourself.

Encouraging others and yourself leads to winning. Winning is fun.

E) Listen

This just seems so obvious, it is critical to empathise and to learn.

Listening is the gateway to new insights, you get to hear new stories and philosophies without just listening to your own garb again and again. Listening is critical for developing meaningful relationships. Meaningful relationships are fun.

F) Question

When we’re kids, we ask on average 300 questions per day. Then we get arrogant and think we know everything. This is the beginning of the irrevocable slide to Loserville.

Never take anything for granted, and have the humility to learn constantly; from everyone and everything. Humility breeds opportunity. New opportunities are fun.

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G) Laugh

Laughter is good for your health and well-being, it makes your problems go away – even if just for a short while. It will help you to live longer.

Living longer is probably better.

H) Be grateful

Your happiness isn’t dictated by how life treats you, it manifests from how you react to life. If life was always easy, the great times wouldn’t be as extraordinary. If we didn’t have tough times, you wouldn’t understand how fortunate you are in the macro.

Adopt a sense of gratitude for what you have, every day. Gratitude leads to happiness.

Happiness is fun, too.

-Matthew Brown

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