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The World Is Yours

world yours
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Just like it was for Scarface, no matter your background… the world is yours. But only if you want it enough.

WARNING, this is a rant.

If you want to win in life, but you like to complain, then take the punch in the mouth. If you want to lose, then you’ll get offended and slide off after a couple of paragraphs. Off you go. I want to sort the wheat from the chaff. I want to help people who want to be helped. So, I’m not sorry about smothering bullshit, and I hope you can use this to push forward on your journey to success, in this modern, ever-changing, digital world.

The world is changing. The world of work, and the world of life.

I watched a programme last week, a typical BBC sob story helping losers to feel sorry for themselves.

Misery loves company. And losers want to loser around with a bunch of other losers. They want to blame everything and everyone else for their ‘misfortune,’ rather than looking squarely at themselves.

They think the world owes them something, and all the rich people, politicians and companies are succeeding at their expense. Bullshit peddlers, selling their bullshit spiel to a load of bullshitters.

The programme blasted the founder of People Per Hour for supposedly promoting zero-hour contract type work. This is a site that has helped many start-ups develop and businesses get access to real, previously hidden, talent. People who are adding real value to the world.

Nothing is secure anymore: jobs, income, love, housing, nothing.

So, you have a choice: you can complain, or you can adjust.

And this isn’t aimed at those with disabilities, or other issues that prevent them from working. This is a rant at those lazy, worthless complainers who want the world to give to them, without them giving anything back to the world.

This is a rant at the train guards who are currently striking because their jobs are on the brink of irrelevance. The taxi operators who hated Uber coming along. The warehouse staff who are pissed because they were replaced by machinery. The graduates who just expect a job for life because they’ve got a degree. The fat single mum with 8 kids to 6 different fathers, all to get benefit payments.

All these people think the world owes them something. It doesn’t.

The world doesn’t give a shit about your job or your feelings. The world wants to get better, faster, and stronger. Technology will always evolve and improve the operation of life. You need to improve too.

There was a dude who bought 8,000 carrier pigeons before communications developed, he lost! Nobody cares.

Jobs are changing at a rapid pace. There are now 1.4 million freelancers in the UK, adding £21 billion to the economy annually. This is the way the world of work is heading. New apps, websites and the internet itself has changed the game.

We are now living in what I call the ‘talent economy,’ a world where anybody can become anything if they are willing to put in the work and develop their skills. A world where one source of income leaves you on a knife edge. A world where you can’t rely on a job to put food on the table forever. A world, thankfully, where lazy losers are being found out.

This is why personal and professional development go hand in hand, and are of huge importance.

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If you aren’t currently developing new skills and yourself, you are in danger. Now is the time to take control and protect your future.

Do you want to complain that the world is changing for the better, or do you want to adjust and excel? Think about recent developments…

People were convinced the telephone would ruin us.

When the television was invented everyone was panicking about its impact on our lives.

Mobile phones that were a foot tall were a status symbol amongst the 1980’s elite.

The internet was just a fad.

Social media is just for kids. (People still believe this!)

Crazy right?

Far too many people just can’t accept positive change and adapt.

Right now people are thinking similar things about self-driving cars, augmented reality and virtual reality.

Twenty years ago, nobody would have predicted that the most powerful device in our lives would be in the pockets of everybody everywhere today.

If you’d described the new iPhone to people in 1997 would you have been taken seriously? If you’d said you won’t need: a landline, an alarm clock, a radio, a cd player, a computer, maps, books or notepads, because this tiny device in your pocket will handle all that, you would have been laughed out of the room. But it’s here, and it has been for some time.

What’s next? Will we even need doctors, pilots, drivers, waiters and other services performed by people twenty years from now? What sounds crazy now, might not be in the future…

This is it people. Designing your own future is not just about achieving what you dream about, it will one day be borne out of necessity.

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I run my agency and this blog whilst performing my challenging day job. Side hustles are becoming mainstream, and anyone can start one for free at any time; thanks to the internet and technology. Side hustles that can become billion-dollar companies. Twitter started as a side hustle, so did Uber, and you’ll no doubt be aware of how Facebook was developed in a Harvard dorm.

No longer can we use old excuses like having no money or qualifications to get away from the uncertainty of starting something new.

This is the greatest age of entrepreneurship ever, thanks to technology.

And yes, there will be people who will suffer initially due to modern technologies, but – complain or adjust folks. That is a choice. Complaining is draining. Doing leads to achieving.

Use the world to your advantage, rather than bemoaning change.

Start today, by doing this – How to Decide What to Pursue in Life.

And just like it was for Scarface, no matter your background…

The world is yours. But only if you want it enough.


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Thank you for reading, if anything in this article resonated with you – positively or negatively, let me know in the comments or on social.

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