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If It Scares You, It Means You Need To Do It

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If it scares you, it means you need to do it

I’ve missed out on a lot of opportunities. I’ve ruined my chances of excelling and robbed myself of happiness way too many times in my life. I’ve failed at a lot of things and wasted ungodly amounts of time bemoaning my ‘misfortune.’

For the first 15 years of my life I had no confidence and I thought I had little value to add to the world.

When I was 8 years old I fancied a girl for the first time, I was too scared to talk to her.

When I knew an answer in class I wouldn’t put my hand up because all the other kids would look at me. And maybe even judge me… OH NO!

I played for a football team and never spoke to any of my team mates. It scares me sometimes how I’m the total opposite now.

I always used to play down any kind of achievement and put myself down because I was scared people would hate me for doing better than them.

Then everything changed.

I realised how to use my fear to my advantage. It is the most powerful ally you’ll have in your life if you know how to use it.

If something scares me now, I just have to do it. Like a drug, I am addicted to doing anything that could see me fall flat on my face if there is a massive potential upside. Like approaching any business to write for them. Or talking to any random stranger.

I have zero examples of life not working out in the end when I’ve just gone all in.

I moved to a new town and wanted to join a golf club. Golf clubs can be real cliques, I was scared. I was the new kid, but I went, I did, I met people. The club and my friends there are now a big part of my life.

I wanted to be a writer, so I started a blog that’s now been read in over 50 countries. I also started a copywriting agency and people pay me to write. I had zero qualifications or experience. I just know I’m good and I don’t care about failure or rejection anymore.

I wanted to be able to talk to anyone, so I developed a stupid catchphrase / question. I will ask anyone in the world what their favourite dog is, usually at inappropriate times. I ask this for no reason, but it’s always a laugh and the conversation begins.

I wanted to be a property developer because I watched a TV show about it. So I learnt everything I could, I bought a house, I just did it. I’ve done five up to now.

None of this came easy to me. I had to work hard to develop myself into the person I am today, I forced myself to take on difficult situations to come out better off. I now relish these situations, they are my oxygen and I love my life.

Since I just started doing, I’ve faced many potential pitfalls, yet I have zero examples of bad shit happening. Zero.

Every time I’ve been scared about doing something and I’ve took the easy road by backing out, I have always regretted it. Sometimes for a long time after too.


I had to capitalise and bold that because it is all that matters. If I literally never write another word ever again this is the only sentence you need to read anyway.

If I only did things I was qualified for I’d be sweeping the floor in McDonalds. Why wait for approval from anyone when you can just do and jump in?

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I see a lot of people doing course after course, getting multiple degrees and qualifications that they don’t need and generally it is all about procrastination. There comes a time when you can’t study or learn anymore, you just have to get in the environment and do

Did you learn more on your driving lessons or when you passed and you got out there driving? It’s the same with everything else in life. Learn by doing and continuously try and improve yourself.

The only way to breed confidence is by doing something successfully again and again. 

Do the minimum to open up the opportunity and then just dive in. You can’t lose. Worst case, you fail at something, but I promise you this – you’ll learn a lot more during that ‘failure’ than you would doing anything else to prepare. So it’s not really a failure is it? It’s an invaluable lesson.

Doing wins. Every time.

If you are considering doing something new with your life and you get that feeling of dread and anxiety yet it’s strangely exciting, then magic can happen. 

Put a gun to your head and jump in. The adrenaline rush and the feeling of accomplishment, regardless of the result is worth it on its own. You’ll want to experience being a practitioner again and again until everything falls into place. 

If you never take your leap of faith, you might just regret it. Forever.

Try the art of doing and create your own masterpiece of a life. It isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. And hey, if this guy can do it, you can do it too…

-Matthew Brown

I hope this helps you take another step towards your dreams. Please share this with your friends and help spread the message! Good luck on your quest, if you want to discuss this any further just start a conversation by leaving a comment.

Thank you for some of your attention.


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