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Why You Should Never Ever Give Up

never ever give up
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“A bad day doesn’t mean a bad life” Anon.

This is a quote I came across this week that is right in tune with everything I have been pushing down readers’ throats recently – patience and seeing the big picture. Playing the long game.

Bemoaning your life because you’ve had a tough day is a short term mindset. A mindset that even top class performers and the most patient among us can suffer with. These thoughts can sometimes creep up on us as one off’s or manifest over time so they become a constant issue.

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It’s always worth remembering who you are and what your long term ambitions are. Bad days happen to everyone, the key is to recognise this and keep your eyes on the long term prize.

A bad round doesn’t make a bad golfer.

A lazy day doesn’t make you unfit.

A bad hair day doesn’t make you ugly.

A bad relationship doesn’t mean you’ll never meet ‘the one.’

This list could be endless.

Whatever it is you want to do with your life, remember, long term > short term. Yes, what you do in the short term will help shape your long term, but don’t beat yourself up if your progress temporarily stalls. As long as you are making all the right moves on a macro scale the game will eventually play itself out in your favour.

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Nothing worth having comes easy and no roads to success, happiness or fulfilment are trouble free.

I write these articles not knowing if anyone will read them. Some get tens of views others get hundreds. One day I want everything I write to have thousands of views. I want to be a bestselling author and keynote speaker. I’m working to create a successful media business from the blog. Does one bad article, or a good article with hardly any views move that dream any further away? I don’t think so.

Behind the scenes I’m doing the right things. I’m continually producing content on the blog and across social media. I’m developing the business side. And most importantly I’m constantly learning and refining my craft. I don’t care if only one person reads this, one is greater than zero.

In a business sense I’m looking 10 years and further down the line. I don’t expect my life to change in the next week, 6 months or even the next 5 years. Yes, if things happen quickly I’ll be pleased and I’m working hard enough to win short term too; but I know that the time-frame doesn’t really matter.

There is no such thing as an overnight success, so why aim for that? It will end in misery and giving up way too soon.

Don’t down your tools just because you don’t get immediate traction with your venture, you never know when you’re just one dig away from the gold. You could be…

One customer away from success.

One dinner away from making a contact who could change your life.

One article away from being published in Forbes.

One date away from meeting your future spouse.

One random act of kindness away from changing someone’s life.

One great idea and execution of it away from massive success.

Notice here how there is absolutely no mention of luck. Anyone you’ve ever thought of as lucky got what they got because they put themselves out there, they worked harder than you and they practiced and practiced until they won.

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The most successful people are seldom the smartest, they work the hardest and never give up.

The best golfers are also the luckiest golfers.

Those who get their ‘big break’ have been trying everything to make it for over 10 years.

Those who get rich don’t stumble on gold minds, they create them.

Work hard for a long time, always be learning, don’t let short term failure overcome you, don’t give up to short term temptation and one day you will get yours.

I’ll do whatever it takes to get mine. In ten years’ time are you going to look from afar and call me one of the lucky ones or are you going to work and join me at the party?

The choice, as always, is yours.

And please don’t play the lottery — you’re smarter than that.

-Matthew Brown

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