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Tired of Going Nowhere? Put a Gun to Your Head

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I wanted to quit my job because they were scamming small business owners. I gave myself 2 weeks to leave. I put a gun to my head…

If I didn’t quit before the 2 weeks was up I had to drive my company car to the office, leave my sales stuff in the boot, hand the keys to the receptionist and just walk off never to be seen again.

I didn’t quit in time so I had to do that. No job, no reference, no ride home. But I quit and that was all that really mattered. I had a gun to my head so I had to do it.

When I booked an expensive wedding and honeymoon I had to pay for it by a certain date, I had a gun to my head. An angry bride is probably the most lethal gun in the world by the way!

Another time I moved to a new town and wanted to join a new golf club. I gave myself a week to do this. I went to a local club and in one night I had played with and met the biggest influencers at the club. I was in, and I’m loving my time there to this day.

If you want to stop procrastinating this is the biggest secret weapon you need in your armoury. If you want to change anything in your life for the better, you need to put a gun to your head. You need to give yourself a real, dangerous reason to take action.

This could be a deadline or a major consequence if you do not take the required action in the specified period.

For example, if you want to leave your job in the next quarter, schedule a message to be sent to your boss on deadline day with ‘I QUIT’ written in the subject. That will make you take action to get it done by your deadline.

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Procrastination is a defence mechanism, it protects us against difficult situations. The problem is, nothing good ever comes from comfort zones

If you aren’t making positive change you are going backwards.

If you give in and take the easy road every time your destinations will remain the same.

To live a truly fulfilled and happy life you have to make tough decisions, and you need to make them regularly whenever they are required.

You need to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

It’s so important to live your one life true to yourself. Create and live your own future, rather than someone else’s dream. Don’t be dictated to by society, your loser friends or your loser parents…

It’s great to live a life that nobody understands. You can’t be great unless you are willing to be different.

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You can start small…

Let’s say you want to lose a few pounds before a big party next month. Buy an amazing dress that is just a bit too small for you now. You’ll lose the weight on time.

Maybe you’ve been putting off a difficult conversation. Schedule a meeting with that person for a few days from now. Do not cancel, go and do.

A lot of the challenges we imagine are going to be really difficult in life are often surprisingly straight forward when it comes to actually executing them.

I’ve often fretted about things for far too long and then when the time comes to deal with the situation it’s a non-event. I asked for something and just got what I wanted, why was I worried about this!

That happens way more than a fire fight. Some fire fights are cool too by the way. I love being so sure about something that I’m doing that I’ll fight to the death to achieve it. I won’t let anybody stand in my way.

If you’re wondering why you aren’t getting the results you want, why you’re miserable, why you’re stuck in a job that you hate or why your life isn’t progressing as you imagined… it is probably because you are too comfortable and you aren’t taking the necessary steps to improve your situation.

Make yourself uncomfortable, it’s only short term. The long term benefits outweigh everything else.

Put yourself in a position where you have to take action. Put a gun to your head (not literally). It will change your life.

-Matthew Brown

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  1. This is an eye opener concerning being uncomfortable in comfortable situations. I’ve been too relaxed lately and it’s really affecting every aspect of my life. Thanks for the write up.

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