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You Can Achieve Anything if You Are Willing to Pay the Price

how to achieve anything
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I was scared, it’s hard to fancy a girl for the first time. It’s hard to be 8 years old and so unsure of the world.

What if I ask her out on the swings and she says yes? What will happen then? What if she kisses me? Not doing that!

My fear of the unknown got the better of me.

But what if I had done it anyway?

As a child I was very shy and I didn’t like the unknown. I’m kind of the opposite now and that’s the result of consciously expanding my comfort zone every day.

I wasn’t willing to pay the price so I lost an experience.

If I’d gone for it and she had punched me in the face and screamed NO maybe I would have been able to handle rejection better sooner in life…

Rejection is now one of my favourite things about business and sales; people running away and saying never contact me again! I’m strange like that.

Today I sent a DM on Instagram to my favourite writer telling him how he’s helped me without even knowing who I am, along with a few other compliments…

What if he thinks I’m weird and he won’t ever work with me in the future? I did it anyway. It was a good scared. You’ve got to put yourself out there.

I send DM’s to random new people all the time. I want to meet more like minded people and do deals.

I want to do a lot of things — too many. So I have to audit my time to do what counts. And I need to do the important things well.

What about you…?

What is most important to you? Do your actions today match your ambitions for the future?

What do you have to change today to make sure you don’t end up in the same place 5 years from now? Are you willing to pay the price…?

Here are a few ambitions I trade off against each other. Most importantly I decide which prices I pay and when… 

I want to write for Entrepreneur Magazine

You don’t get paid for this but it is a big ambition of mine. There’s a world of other benefits, like credibility and general recognition in the industry.  I will feel a massive sense of achievement and more opportunities will come to me as a result.

I need to develop my social following, I need to develop my blog and I need to write for tons of small time magazines first – also for free. 

I need to do even more writing. I need to work harder. I need to develop my business.

This will no doubt take years.

Am I willing to pay the price?


I want to write a book 

This could just be an amalgamation of all my articles from a certain category, I already have a lot of content

I could write this and self publish it on Amazon tomorrow but I won’t do anything half arsed.

I want to grow my audience first over time so I’ve got customers waiting who will really benefit from it.

I’m paying the price along the way, I’m constantly developing my audience and mastering my craft.

I want to find a great mentor 

I DM people on Instagram, I email people, I work a hell of a lot for free to open the right doors, make connections and gain experience.

But I need to go to more events. I need to take networking more seriously. I need to spend more time and work harder at this. I need to go to the right places and hustle more.

That’s the price I need to pay.

I want to continue blogging every week

This takes a lot of time that could be spent developing the business side. But this is fundamental and the backbone of everything else I do.

It will never be traded off.

I want to develop my agency quickly

Running two side ventures at once plus my job which I also give 100% to can be tough. I often work ungodly hours to do what I need to do.

The harder I work at it the quicker it progresses… it’s a simple correlation.

I want to go on multiple holidays a year

My best life changing decisions are always made away from the day to day. Plus I love to see the world and spend this quality time with the family.

But there’s a price: the money, the time, the planning, the getting back into things on my return.

Personally, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. It has life and business value. I am willing to pay the price.

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I don’t want to lose contact with friends

I see my friend’s way less than I used to. I stay home most evenings and work a lot of hours on the weekend.

Sometimes I won’t see close friends for months on end and I miss events I’d love to go to. That’s the price I pay to build up other areas of my life.

Maybe I’ll lose friends over time because I didn’t pay the price…

I hope this doesn’t happen but if it does I can’t complain, I make all my own trade-offs — and so do you, even if they are made subconsciously right now…

I want to help you make conscious decisions on how you spend your time — that’s the purpose of this article.

I want to keep getting better at golf and win more tournaments

Saturday mornings are for golf – a valuable part of the week without the distraction of work, gone. Every week. I’d love to practice more in the week but I don’t. It’s impossible to improve at anything without practice so I know I’m not going to be the best I can be.

I’m not willing to pay the price. I’m also not willing to give up my Saturday’s on the course for work or family time. I’ve found the right balance for me.

I want a 6 pack and to feel healthier than ever

But I’m not willing to invest the time in the gym.

I’m not willing to cook for hours every week to make healthy meals.

I live well and I’m healthy enough, but I trade being super fit for other things. So I don’t dwell…

Not willing to pay, take it away. It’s just not an important enough ambition.

I want to spend more quality time with my family

Family first, then everything else.

That’s in my head but the reality is most of us spend more time with work colleagues than our husbands and wives.

I’m not looking to trade anything for more time with the family, rather I’m trying to make the time we spend together better. And that’s a massively important part of this…

Don’t just look at how you’re spending your time, look at how well you’re spending that time!

Take the kids out, don’t leave them in their rooms.

Put your phone in a drawer and speak to your partner.

When you’re watching a show don’t be on your laptop.

Focus your full attention on them. Listen to them when you ask how their day was.

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This is just the tip of the iceberg of what I want to achieve, but you get the picture… you cannot do everything at the same time.

Prioritise. Make conscious decisions based on what you want out of life.

Make sure your actions match your ambitions

Are you willing to trade 2 hours of sleep a night to work? Are you willing to miss your kid’s school shows to learn and become a master of your craft? Are you willing to network to find a great mentor?

Are you willing to spend 4 hours a day developing your social media? Are you willing to give up playing and watching sports? Are you willing to throw your PlayStation away? Will you give up going out for beers every weekend?

Everyone is different — you may not actually have to do too many trade offs…

Are you spending time with your family or simply sat in the same room? Are you actually working or just browsing the internet watching videos? Be honest.

Why work longer if you can work better…?

Just make sure you are always DOING… take action to make changes now and move your life forward.

The price tags can be hefty, but if you are willing to pay them you can change your life.

If you want to be in the top 1% you need to do what 99% of others won’t.

You need to pay the price.

“If you don’t paint anything on the canvas it will never become a masterpiece” Matthew Brown

-Matthew Brown

Are you willing to pay the price? What current lifestyle trade-offs are you currently considering? Let me know in the comments or on social media… send me a DM on Instagram!!

Thank you for some of your attention.

7 thoughts on “You Can Achieve Anything if You Are Willing to Pay the Price

  1. I absolutely loved this and plan to come back to it later tonight for a second read through! There are so many things I would in theory like to have, but that I evaluate the cost of to myself, my energy, my time and frequently knock those things off my list. If it’s something I really want after that exercise, then it usually requires a full re-evaluation and shifting of my other priorities and schedule. Thanks for a great post.

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