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Self Awareness Superpowers of the Elite

self awareness superpower
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I can be incredibly impatient, I’m too fast paced through life, and sometimes I stress at things that don’t matter. 

These ‘bad traits’ take energy away from important tasks and make life less enjoyable. Sometimes I’m ruining things rather than building things. 

I’m way better than I used to be and that’s awesome, but these flaws are still there. They are my ongoing self awareness improvement projects. 

I don’t want to be ‘cured’ completely though, there’s a lot of power in being an emotional being like me.

If you take away the impatience completely what will happen to my drive…?

Will I think it’s good to be a lazy loser? Will I quit working and live out my days festering on the sofa watching Netflix?

The negative can drive the positive. If I lose money I get pissed off and I use my frustration to make even more back.

If I have a bad start at golf I have the mental strength to fight back and not cave.

You can’t be a winner without having some traits that sometimes show themselves off in a negative way.

For me self awareness is recognising my emotions, understanding why I’m feeling / reacting the way I am and then doing something about it. Channelling my emotions into positive action and aligning my actions with my ambitions.

I don’t want to wallow in self pity and shame. I don’t want to waste anymore of my life feeling stressed, anxious or angry. I don’t want to waste my opportunity to live a great life.

In my last 2 articles I’ve covered why self awareness is so important and how you can use the power of self awareness to create something great: A life that you love, filled with abundance.

These articles covered why I pay so much attention to self awareness and why you should too. If you missed them, here they are:

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Here I’m going to complete my self awareness series by sharing a 6 step process from master coach, Tony Robbins. We’ve covered why you should develop your self awareness and the power it has to change your life. This is how to actually go about it.

Here is Tony’s process along with my narrative…

1.Identify what you are really feeling

Can you tell the difference between feeling angry and scared? Anger is usually fear clothed. Don’t take every emotion at face value. Look deeper and ask yourself what you are really feeling.

2. Acknowledge and appreciate your emotions, knowing they support you

Be thankful that your body is sending you a signal. Usually the signal means that something in your life needs to change. You just need to figure out what. Don’t presume all negative emotions are bad for you – they provide vital insight which allows you to take responsive action.

Use your negative emotions, don’t shield yourself from the perceived danger of them. Work with them to fuel positive change.

3. Get curious about the message this emotion is offering you

Ask yourself why you are feeling the way you are. Then ask ‘how would I like to be feeling about this?’ I get mad at the kids making noise sometimes, but I don’t want to get so easily pissed about it.

Why am I so averse to kids playing loudly? Why do I hate a messy house? These are difficult questions I still can’t answer fully… it’s a work in progress.

4. Get confident

Confidence comes from doing something successfully again and again. Once you’ve mastered an emotion or a situation once, remember how you did it the next time it comes around.

Know that you can deal with that circumstance positively and make it a regular response.

5. Get certain you can handle this not only today, but in the future as well

Move on from confidence to certainty. Master successful repetition to gain confidence. Then develop a mental process that gives you the power of certainty moving forward.

This will help you easily deal with the same challenge in the future. Write down your process and keep it just for yourself, or write it and then throw it away. The action of writing it is all you need to bring it to life.

6. Get excited and take action

I know if I find the secret to using my impatience and intemperance to create positive energy all the time I’ll be pumped to take action. Impatience is draining, it creates doubt and slows all progress.

Whilst this process might seem a bit of a whacked out way to examine your life, the outcome will be worth the personal dissection.

Take action quickly when you can – don’t let your negative traits breed and mutate. Kill them off quickly with certainty and courage. Be the best you and live a remarkable life.

“Kill the monster while it’s little” Tony Robbins

-Matthew Brown

Thanks for some of your attention. I hope you enjoyed this 3 part series on self awareness. Let’s connect on Instagram — instagram.com/matthewbrowntbol/  DM me your thoughts.

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