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How to Use Self Awareness to Start a New Venture

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Understand what you really want out of life. Then, figure out what you are good at. Be honest.

Create something that covers both these areas.

Double down on your strengths rather than focusing on improving your weaknesses. Be a master of your craft, not a jack of all trades.

Then be patient yet relentless in pursuit of your goals.

For example, last November I figured out I wanted to create a business that I could operate from anywhere in the world using just my laptop and an internet connection.

And that’s what I’m working towards for one reason – freedom.

Freedom to work from anywhere and freedom to grow a business based on my vision not someone else’s. Freedom to be flexible, freedom to spend more time with my family and financial freedom.

Of most importance is growing a business based on my vision. That’s everything to me…

I don’t want to live a life I’m told to live, I want to live a life I create.

I want to live an extraordinary life not an average one. I want to control my own destiny.

I’d love to leave a legacy through business and helping others.

Maybe I’ll end up working in an office for 15 hours a day or perhaps on a beach only 2 hours a week. I don’t care, as long as I am adding value to the world and living life.

Creating this business and lifestyle obviously isn’t easy and I am very much at the beginning of my journey — it may never happen but I’m absolutely positive in my mind that it will.

I’m on the right road and most importantly I’m enjoying and thriving on the process, despite its habit of smashing you in the face whenever things start to move forward.

Persistence is everything.

Second, I had to figure out what I was good at. I wrote a list of 10 things. For each of these 10 things I wrote down 10 potential businesses that I could start from my laptop using each skill. I then looked at the cross sections…

Could these ideas be mixed with each other to create more idea babies?! Yes, always.

Documenting ideas in this way is massively powerful for me. Not only do I work better with them when they’re in front of me, it also gets them out of my mind in the first place.

Practising this level of creativity is vital for me — and it will be for you too if you’re looking to create content for your audience.

Here was my starting point…

What am I good at (that I also enjoy): writing

What do I want more than anything: freedom

Then I had to come up with a flood of ideas for businesses based on writing. There are other interests that helped me decide in more depth too. Most significantly, my interest in both reading and personal development. This is where your idea babies come in!

Now the blog is 6 months old, I’ve been featured in a lot of other blogs and I’ve been invited to write for magazines. I’ve had readers from over 40 countries, I’ve received a lot of great feedback and amassed thousands of followers across social media in the last 3 months.

I’ve also got some hate mail which is awesome. It’s funny to read and you know you’re doing something right if you get that kind of attention!

All this with no blogging experience, from a standing start, without any significant financial investment put in.

It’s about hard work, passion, desire and deploying my talents effectively.

This is just the beginning….

In addition to the significant income streams my blog will give me access to, it is also the perfect case study to showcase my writing and Digital Marketing capabilities for my agency.

This is a process, nothing happens by chance.

If you are looking to start a business or change / develop your career you can adopt this process to find your calling. Maybe you don’t know your talents — think deeply and write down anything — even if it’s just doing the washing up!

There will be something you can do that people will pay for. Write down at least 10 things, even if some of them seem stupid.

This is all practice at being creative. Creativity is a highly valuable skill in itself. Reading and writing give me my creative Oxygen, maybe they could for you too…

You also might not know what you really want out of life… that’s fine, write ideas down.

You’ll be amazed how new ideas are just handed to you out of nowhere when you get going…

What do you love doing? What did you used to love as a child? What makes you feel content?

My life is now completely different than 6 months ago and so are the opportunities that I have access to.

I’m getting a lot more out of business and life so I’m way happier too.

If you’re looking to change your life, start today.

There is never a perfect time to do anything. In 5 years when nothing has changed you’ll wish you had started today, it’s a long journey…

I’ve only just begun, now I’ve got to hugely improve at what I’m doing. I need to constantly learn, practice and refine my craft.

I’ve got to learn hundreds of related skills that I’m going to need to be super successful. I’ve got to spend the next 20 years or more becoming the best that I can be. The learning and improving aspect will never end.

A lot of people will give up far too soon, I won’t be one of them. I don’t want you to be a quitter either. Or even worse — a non starter.

Write down your first 10 ideas now — it only takes 5 minutes. Once begun, the job’s half done!

Good luck on your quest, whatever you want it to be.

– Matthew Brown

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