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How to Master the Game of Life

how to master life
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Every day I get frustrated by a lot of little things. All of them are a result of other people’s actions… 

I am the guy with road rage and I’m the weird dude who mumbles expletives under his breath directed at all the mongrels of our society.

Dealing with stupid and shitty people is something that I need to improve at, but so do most of us…

We cannot control them and we know they are everywhere, so why get mad at them?

Why not just learn to accept them as part of daily life…

Do you want to live your life being pleasantly surprised or unexpectedly disappointed?

I imagine, like me, you would prefer the former.

how to master a game life

It is us who needs to adapt to life and not expect life to adapt to us.

This goes deeper than people who cause us frustration and resentment…

If we expect life to always be wonderful we will forever be depressed and disappointed. We will end up bitter, jealous, envious and full of hate just like all the others out there who inflict their bad blood on us.

It is your job to change your outlook because the world doesn’t care, it will do its thing and you are just along for the ride.

Expect bad things to happen because life isn’t easy…

You are going to die and your children are going to die. These aren’t unexpected things they are facts. Dark facts, but they are facts…

Life and people don’t give a fuck about you, that’s the hard truth. Complaining is draining. You need to toughen your mindset to win at this game.

I know this sounds negative but honestly it isn’t, stay with me here…

I’m not saying be happy and joyful because your old dog died and you were smart enough to expect it so crack open the champagne… I’m talking about the things that really don’t matter in the long run but at the time it seems like the world is ending.

Really bad things have never happened to me. I’ve never lost a parent, or a best friend, or a leg — these are all things that might destroy me, but nothing lesser will.

For example…

One time I lost over £7,000 in a fake investment ran by my boss at the time! WTF. Old girlfriends have left me, I’ve been really sick, I’ve broken bones, I’ve been attacked and robbed and I’ve upset those closest to me…

None of these things matter anymore though, not really. And here’s the punchline — I expect these things to happen to me again.

That being the case, do I really care if someone I know doesn’t say hi to me in the street, or if a fat women takes up the full pavement in front of me, or if a client wants to be a dick for no reason? No. It won’t matter tomorrow.

Here’s my outlook on life — if it won’t matter in 5 years then it doesn’t matter now. Adopting this mindset makes all my little problems disappear and I am better prepared for the big challenges that will inevitably come. 

That isn’t it though, I can’t just write that, think differently and I’m sorted… I need to practice this every day to get better. It’s a lifetime of work, there is no quick fix to this.

Small daily improvements are good enough though. That is all you need to live a life of abundance and appreciation. Be grateful for the really good days, which should be most days if you can learn to see the world in this way.

Your happiness in life is dictated by how you react to life, not by how well or how badly life treats you…

Smile when someone shuts a door in your face and doesn’t care — they haven’t figured this shit out yet and you have. They will probably never make thousands of pounds to lose on a stupid investment or build great relationships they can destroy…

They have lost. Stick with it and you will win.

That’s it my friends, make life work for you. Prepare and strengthen your mind to brush off the small problems life will throw at you and be grateful for all the great moments that you have.

-Matthew Brown

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