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Don’t Let a Horrible Boss Ruin Your Life

worried about working for horrible boss
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Everyone has experienced a horrible boss at some point in their working life. Unfortunately these creatures are everywhere. They infest otherwise good businesses, destroying their potential and they can ruin the lives of great employees everywhere…

These creatures come in all forms: Dictators, tyrants, lazy fat disgusting animals, those with zero charisma or personality, those who enjoy torturing others, those who just don’t understand basic human relations, those who don’t understand their own businesses, those who take perverse pleasure in being ‘the boss’ without adding any value, those who should be in jail and others who are just absolute downright fucking idiots.

Yes, you guessed it right – this is a subject that winds me up, A LOT!


Because it’s not difficult to be a strong leader. How have these people got to where they are?? Like seriously?!

Unfortunately one of the reasons they are still in their positions is because of their employees. Good employees who pick up the slack, step in and silently run the show… Why does this happen? Why do good employees do this rather than just leave these cretins behind to rot…?

Because they are scared.

People don’t like change. This is something I’ve never quite understood.

Change can be great…

Change creates opportunities, change allows us to develop as people; and change allows us to innovate, improve and make a difference.

Yet people are scared of the unknown rather than embracing it…

What is so scary about leaving a bad boss behind? Nothing can possibly be worse than working for one of these people!

I know because I’ve done it many times. Sometimes I’ve left them and moved on (always after having spent too long making the decision) and sometimes these bad bosses have been figured out and have been forced out themselves.

As I said, these people are everywhere. You need to look out for them and avoid them. If you find yourself working for one, find another job, then leave. It’s not like you’re going from a wage to nothing if you find another job first. So, why delay?

Life is too short to spend around these people, never mind working for them. I’ve sometimes thought – perhaps I can get by staying out of their way, or even – maybe I can change them…?

You can’t. These dinosaurs cannot be helped, they should be extinct and not allowed anywhere near an employee as talented as you.

Maybe it’s not their fault they are that way. Maybe they have worked their whole life in a similar environment. Maybe they are too old school to understand that all dictators die young and they are not welcome in the modern workplace. Or maybe they are just arseholes…

Whatever. They are not your problem. Move on.

If you don’t your career and your happiness will suffer. Embrace change. Don’t wake up when you are 50 in that same dingy cubicle. Your loser boss will have died or left but they have already destroyed you long ago…

Take charge of your future today before it’s too late.

What’s more, if you’ve ever left a bad boss, you will have experienced the ecstasy of leaving work on your final day, knowing that you never have to deal with that shit again. The weight of the universe lifts off your shoulders and you can give yourself a massive pat on the back. Well done you.

If you are still in a position where you hate your life because you work for a horrible boss then congratulations – you still have the amazing experience of leaving in front of you…

Don’t forget the most important thing though: If you listen to this advice, and you should, don’t forget to buy me a beer next time you see me at the bar…

We can celebrate your courage together, for you have played your part in helping the world get rid of these cretins once and for all.

I’m looking forward to it already.

-Matthew Brown

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