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Do You Really Want to be a Billionaire?

want to be a billionaire
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A homeless man was lying outside our offices for 3 straight days, he hadn’t moved at all. He was surrounded in his own waste, vomit and empty booze bottles. The authorities didn’t want to move him in case he just died. Maybe he would go into shock, maybe he was already dead…

We wondered what we would find there the next day. Then he just disappeared but the stains remained. Maybe he is in a better place, like heaven or perhaps Miami. Either way, this is a human life, so I got thinking about the million different reasons why people could end up living on the streets and decaying in this way…

Maybe he is a bad example, a lot of his homeless friends look like they are having a good time, drinking all day and no responsibilities. All whilst we are spending our lives working hard running ourselves into the ground.

Who are the idiots here?

They are probably richer than most workers too…

One had £1 in his hat. He is about £12,887 richer than most UK households…

He has no car finance, no student loan, no credit card and probably no monthly bills of any kind. He can move ‘house’ whenever he wants, he can get wasted at 8 in the morning, he can get another dog.

On the other hand, there are many dangers. He probably won’t live very long; how many old aged drug addicts do you see?

He has no earning power, maybe £1 is the most he has ever had. We get in debt to make more than what we owe to live a fulfilled life in the long term.

For us living in the ‘real world’ of work, we face our own dangers…

Stress, fear of failure, impatience, intemperance and anxiety. We worry about looking good in front of our peers and their peers. We worry about being able to provide for our families. We are all running a rat race to get to the top, but why? 

For me, because life is short and I want to have the best life I can in the time that I have.

I don’t want to waste my life lying in the street.

Even billionaires get upset and afraid of not having enough. I heard a story the other day from a billionaire’s event where one guy was upset the whole evening because he only had 2 billion dollars. He was one of the ‘poorest’ there…

“Why is Larry Page worth $18 billion and I only have $2 billion? Life is so unfair. I am as talented as him, why have I been so unlucky?”

What’s more, how will he know whether his next idea has the potential to be as big as Google…?

want to be a billionaire

We always want more no matter what we already have, that is why the human race is so successful

I want more right now, and the reasons are mainly arbitrary BS. Like saying, “I want to make £10 million.” But why? What would that get me that I can’t buy with £1 million?

I am like a dog chasing a car; I have no idea what I will do if I ever catch the car.

This is stupid. I am adopting the ‘3 why rule’ from now on. For EVERYTHING I do in my life I am going to ask why. Then again and again. On the third ‘why’ the answer is usually “I don’t know.” If that happens maybe I shouldn’t be doing that thing…

“I want £10 million.” Why? “So I can have freedom to do what I want and no money worries…”

Sounds good but why that amount? “Ermm, don’t know…”

That only needed 2 ‘whys.’

Do this all the time and you will find out what is really important to you. You can take steps to get what you REALLY want because you will know what it looks like.

If I make a billion pounds I probably won’t be any happier. I will have a new bunch of worries to deal with and I’ll be anxious for different reasons.

Figure out what is most important and why.

Don’t be the guy lying in the street or that poor old billionaire who has led such an unfortunate life…

-Matthew Brown

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