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9 Ways to Make Today a Great Day

make today great
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I feel sorry for people who live for the weekend. I used to be one of them. The week just got in the way of my microscopic meaning in life. To have fun at the weekend and to forget about the desperation of the working week either side of it.

If you are one of these people I am sorry to tell you that you are wasting 71.5% of your week – and most of your life…

I used to throw away my weeks because I hated my work. I thought if I just kept my head down in the week and survived I would eventually end up with a better life. This isn’t how the world works. You will never be given anything unless you search for it and take action.

Maybe you have a new meaning in life, you just need to find it.

Here are some things I challenge you to try today. Have some fun, you only live today once.

I am going to do this with you (at the time of writing) so please make sure I am not alone and join in. Here are your 9 ways to make today a great day…

  1. Talk to a Stranger

I enjoy doing this, I always learn something. Or at least something interesting happens. This is something most people are scared to do. I’m generally quite shy, so you can’t use that as an excuse. 

Today I went to the golf club and started talking to a guy I’d not met before. It turns out we know a lot of the same people at the club and he gets the same train to work as me. Another new contact from a 5 minute chat.

It’s not just about what you might get out of it, it is about the feeling of self-confidence that you are injected with on the spot. It makes you feel like you are capable of doing anything for a short while. Do it regularly and harness this power forever. Comfort zone widened by 1000%.

We are taught as kids to never do this, and rightly so. But hopefully you are old enough now not to be lured into the back of a car by a bag of sweets. If this does sound tempting to you, stick to busy public places!

2. Be Grateful for Something Difficult

Find the opportunity in everything

What has happened to you today that made you feel deflated, worried angry, impatient or defeated? Consider the real meaning of this event and think like a Jedi Master…

find the opportunity in everything

Where is your opportunity hidden in the devils clothing?

This morning we had to take one of the kids for an X-Ray. This gave us the opportunity to teach him lessons that would be difficult in the course of normal daily life…

X-Rays don’t hurt. How not to worry about things you cannot control – like the results, just do your best today. That his family will always be there for him. Going to hospital this morning is a new adventure and an opportunity to learn new things.

3. Smile

This will make even the most miserable folk out there warm up to you. If they don’t know you this will help them feel comfortable around you. Smile at a stranger today; on the street, on the train, in the shop, wherever and watch 90% of the people smile back at you.

Help someone else feel special today by giving them a random smile. But don’t be creepy, or inappropriate with women who have boyfriends who are bigger than you!

This will also help you achieve point number one. Since writing ‘How to be Instantly Likeable’ I still practice this every day.

4. Tell Someone That You Love Them

If you are an annoying soppy sod like me this won’t be a problem for you. If you aren’t and you never do this then congratulations you have the power to make your loved one’s day as they won’t be expecting it.

I tell my wife I love her every day, probably more than I need to. Maybe she will leave me one day for being too nice to her, but I hope not.

5. Go Out of Your Way to Say ‘Thank You’ to Someone and Mean It

This is not thanking the shopkeeper for bagging up your stuff or a throw away ‘cheers’ to your other half for making you a coffee. This is a real considered gesture that will change your day and that of the person you say it to.

Was there a time recently, or long ago that someone did something selfless for you Perhaps you appreciated it at the time but you didn’t show it…

Do it today.

I’ve just emailed the woman who managed our wedding day back in October to thank her again for everything that she did. I told her how we are doing and asked her what she liked to drink as I’d like to send her a present to show our appreciation.

It’s better late than never, and sometimes I think doing this after so long will make her feel even more appreciated… it shows that we are still grateful 6 months on and what she did for us will be valued forever.

how to have a great day

6. Reach Out to an Old Friend

Is there someone you stopped spending time with when you left a job, moved to a new town, split up with a partner, or left a certain group of friends for whatever reason?

Send them a message today to see how they are doing, maybe you will rekindle a relationship that becomes stronger than it was before.

I’ve just sent a message to a friend I haven’t seen for 5 years. I still have no idea why we stopped talking.

how to make today a great day

7. Introduce 2 People Selflessly

I like to do this as often as possible. Maybe you know someone who needs help with something…

Do they need a plumber, an electrician, a new car, a decorator, a new job or even a new partner? You will no doubt know someone who can help. Introduce them. 

8. Make Time for Play

Play helps us relax, helps us socialise, builds relationships and helps us learn. Whatever you love to do, fit it into your schedule.

The golf season has just started and with the lighter nights now upon us I’ve no problem getting this one done. 

make time to play today

9. Give Something Away

I want to get rid of everything so this is easy for me. All I really want is my golf stuff, my laptop, my phone and some clothes. Everything else can go. Today I have given away a full sack of clothes, most of them fairly new, to a charity. I hope this helps them and their customers.

I gave away suits, almost brand new shirts and ties, jeans and sports gear. I feel free every time I get rid of something I don’t really need and I get to help others at the same time.

In the summer I’m going to throw everything in the garage away, it is full at the moment. Maybe even things like my University work, my degree certificate, old photos and stuff I think of as sentimental. How would I miss things that I never look at or use?

Give away something today, something of perceived ‘value’ that is holding you back. Something that is taking up time and space in your life for no reason. Something that could really help someone less fortunate. That is a powerful gift to give.


Do these 9 things today. Experiment with life to find your meaning and your own path. Your search will cost you nothing. One of the people that you reach through your quest might change your life.

Over time your acts will compound. Become the best version of yourself and annihilate your comfort zone. Live the lives of a thousand strangers rather than just 2 days a week of your own partial existence.

-Matthew Brown

How did you do with the challenge?? Let me know in the comments!

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