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How to Never Worry About Anything Ever Again

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Some people are smarter than others. Some people we can learn from. I think I can learn from everyone…

If someone is shy and doesn’t speak much I ask them, ‘what is your favourite type of dog? And more importantly, what type of dogs don’t you like?’

I ask this for no reason. But no one has ever not thought about it and given me an honest answer. Everyone’s answer is different. This is a great ice breaker. It will help you talk to anyone. I don’t know why it works, it just does.

I love randomness. I will go out of my way to have random conversations with people I don’t know just because it is always interesting.

I want to be the stupidest person in the room. That way I can learn from everyone in it.

I don’t want to give advice to anyone unless they ask for it. Even then I don’t want to because I don’t really know anything.

Advice is futile. People just want to be listened to. They want to spew out all their problems so they feel free for a short while. They are constipated with fear and want a release.

Plus I don’t know enough about anything to give advice. There are probably hundreds of thousands of people who know more than me on any given subject. People should ask these people for advice instead.

Some humans are amazing. They’ve built super computers, skyscrapers, planes, the internet and even new humans in test tubes.

As a species we have turned this world that we inherited into a magnificent and orderly place for all of God’s creatures to co-exist in relative harmony.

However… if we look a little deeper…

Nobody really knows anything.

Our brains are software that is tens of thousands of years old. We are still wired like cavemen…

This is why we fight with each other, why we argue with each other and why we are scared of talking to strangers. If we come into contact with another tribe they might kill us! We still resort to fight or flight mode…

This is why people are afraid of change and new experiences.

People cheat because we are animals that are hardwired to procreate as often as possible. There is still very little self-control in the world. We abuse substances to cope with a lot of things. Maybe someone high and mighty gave us these substances to deal with the torrent of abuse we are destined to receive. Maybe we are part of a sick game…

At the deepest level we haven’t improved as a species for 40,000 years.

Homo Sapiens Zoo Warning Sign Cage

We still don’t know why we were put on this Earth and we still don’t know what happens when we die.

Religion still exists because people don’t know anything. We are all scared. Terrorists are all anxious and crazy because of all the uncertainties of life. They will die to become free from life and to release themselves from not knowing what comes next.

There is a trillion to one chance (ish) of you ever being born. Your dad has probably had sex thousands of times in his life, each time releasing millions of his soldiers and eventually you were created! Just you… from a trillion other different humans your parents could have created.

Why do we ever worry about anything when we don’t know anything, we have no rights and are so ‘lucky’ to be here in any case?!

This makes all our perceived problems in life incredibly trivial.

Every day above ground is a good day. Enjoy it!

I want to smash these facts into the faces of miserable people everywhere…

People are scared of tiny things like leaving a bad job, ditching people that are no good for them, staying in bad relationships, trying new food or even leaving their home town. They are stuck in the smallest of comfort zones.

Once you understand that no one out there in the big scary world knows anything more than you, why be scared anymore? Set yourself free…

Happy Inspiration Summer Freedom Sky Happiness

No one cares about you, they are too concerned with figuring life out for themselves.

I always think that everyone is looking at me and thinking things when I enter a room. I am petrified every time I hit ‘publish’ on a new post. What will everyone think?! Do I sound crazy?

Ever since I realised how insignificant I am in the universe of things I can care a lot less.

I am just going to do what I want now. I am going to dissect myself on my blog, because I want too. It makes me feel free, I have no hiding place anymore and nothing to lose.

Why not just do what you want to do too?

Why wait for approval from a boss, a spouse, a bank manager or even your children. Why outsource your confidence and self-esteem to other humans who are just as scared as you…?

As Socrates said…True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.’

None of us are smarter than Socrates so why try to be! Live your life, dream big, be the ultimate wanderer and rule your tiny little insignificant world.

-Matthew Brown

What do you irrationally worry about? Let me know in the comments…

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25 thoughts on “How to Never Worry About Anything Ever Again

  1. So true …Nobody really knows anything …the biggest truth towards freedom is indeed …I DON’T KNOW! …
    You have a great post here …time and again it is a great reminder …Do what you want to …it is funny how you keep realizing there is no one stopping you but you.

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