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8 Signs You Need a Holiday Right NOW!

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I work hard, but I love holidays. I’ve written before that I’d love to have a job that I could do from anywhere in the world. My life would be one long holiday, I’d hopefully have financial freedom as well as freedom to wander for myself and my family.

A lot of people who claim to work hard say stupid things like ‘I’m too busy to have a holiday.’ No you’re not, you just have no idea how to manage your time so that you are most effective.

A lot of people think being busy is cool…

I am certainly not one of them. I don’t think I’m ever busy…

There is always lots I need to do but I don’t hide behind ‘busy’ because I know exactly what I am going to do each day to be most productive. I am in control of how busy I am. I don’t overload myself because what I produce won’t be good enough.

Perhaps you aren’t the reason you are ‘too busy…’

Maybe you work for a bad boss, or an inefficient business and this is out of your hands. Perhaps your family expects too much from you. Although you have the power to change these things

Or maybe you just need more practice at managing your time.

No matter what you do or who you are, we all need a good break every now and again, to re-charge our batteries and to reflect on our lives.

If having a holiday seems like time away that you can’t afford to lose, trust me, you will achieve so much more over the course of the year if you are operating at your maximum capacity for more of the time. You cannot do this without regular breaks…

Do you need more reasons to get away…?!

If so, here are my main reasons why you might need a holiday sooner than you think…

  1. You Are Stressed Out

I’ve written about the importance of having manageable tasks and implementing daily rituals to increase productivity. These routines also, vitally, allow you to avoid burnout.

There comes a time though when we reach a point that we just need a break from life. No matter what you do or who you are, if you are a human you need to relax and do nothing from time to time.

If you have hit a wall and there seems to be no escape from your stressors; have a holiday. But DO NOT just expect things to be better when you return…

The definition of insanity is of course, ‘doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result.’ Thank you Mr. Einstein.

Whilst you are away take the time to consider some changes to your life that will help you to avoid burnout for a lot longer in the future.


  1. You Have Been Through a Life Changing Event

When bad things happen to me I just want to run away. I have felt like that a lot in the past…

I want to go to the airport with no phone, no laptop, nothing. Maybe a backpack with a change of clothes. I don’t want anyone to know where I am going. Especially not those who care about me who might try and ‘help’ and ask questions.

I’ve never done this. Maybe nothing bad enough has happened to me yet. One day it will though, maybe I’ll do this then.

Maybe this is a stupid thing to do, I don’t know. It’s just something I thought might help me…

Going to a new place where no one knows me and no one can judge me. Maybe they’ll speak another language. Most importantly, it will be different. A change of scenery to escape the horrors that can happen back home where there is people that you love.


  1. You Are Celebrating

The road to achieving your dream in life is littered with potholes, bumps, roadkill, barriers and jams. You are on a long, complicated, arduous and at times demoralising journey and staying on track can be hard.

If you go off road the pavements and fields are awash with land mines and you will die. Your dreams are over. If you do happen to survive you are damaged and must start over.

This is why you should always celebrate your small successes

If you want to have any hope of staying on course and reaching your destination you need to stop every now and again to celebrate getting to each new checkpoint.

Have a break, have a holiday, get yourself together for the next leg of your journey.


That’s my wife Anna on our honeymoon in Vegas, we were definitely celebrating that week!

  1. You Have Completed a Project

In the summer of 2012 I had just completed the refurbishment on my 3rd investment property. 3 months of hard work was over. I had also moved into the house to live there for a while. Moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do. I’ve moved 9 times in the past 8 years, so trust me I know…!

I was particularly happy with this house and I’d managed to finish everything the day before my summer holiday that year. Perfect. Not only did I need a well-earned rest to recuperate physically and mentally, I also wanted to reflect…

Taking a step back for a couple of weeks on a beach not only allowed me to appreciate what I had achieved but it also gave me chance to consider the lessons learnt. I could consider with a clear head what I could improve on next time out.

  1. You Have Become a Busy Fool

This used to be me. For many years I felt important because I was busy. I sometimes watch my cat chasing its tail and think it is stupid. But this is what I was basically doing all the time.

A busy fool thinks highly of himself whilst all the time not knowing if what he is doing is adding any value to his life whatsoever. He doesn’t know where he is, he isn’t on any path, he is in the wilderness, he is lost without a phone…

But if he keeps busy perhaps one day he will arrive at somewhere amazing…!

He won’t. He is chasing his tail. He might as well start crapping in a box like my cat does too because his life has no meaning.

I’m sorry if this is you. Not that sorry though because you will be having a holiday soon and I won’t. If you recognise that you need one of course…

Please recognise it. The world needs less ‘busy’ people.

  1. You Don’t Know Who You Are Anymore

Similar to the above, you find yourself going about your daily business and one day you stop to ask…WHY? Congratulations for noticing, you are a step ahead of the busy fool. You recognise the need for change and maybe you are even willing to try new things to accomplish it.

Well done. Book a flight. Have a Mojito on the beach. Read some books and maybe my blog. Come up with a plan. Work out what you want to do with your precious life.


  1. You Live in the UK

I think all us brits would be extinct by now due to vitamin D deficiency if planes had never been invented. Or maybe we would have to go on month long boat trips to the sun to survive.

The fact is; as much as you may like having 4 distinct seasons, the beautiful greenbelt land and the historic sites that we have. If you want guaranteed weather for any period you have to leave our shores!

  1. You Just Want To

Good for you!

-Matthew Brown

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Do you need a holiday? How has getting away helped you in the past? Let me know in the comments!

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