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This is What I Want to be When I Grow Up

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I want my own Airbus. And when I grow up I want to be a pilot.

I want to be able to fly my own plane with all my friends on board, all around the world, all the time.

I want them to think I’m cool.

I like to think that I’ll never stop working until I reach this dream

But being persistent when you don’t know anyone cares can be hard. Like I’m writing this, probably for an hour or so not knowing if I will be the only one who reads it.

But persist I must. No one is going to knock on my door and present me with my Airbus.

Somehow I have to make it happen.

I have to do all the graft. I do all the admin, the processing, the ‘customer’ service, the sales, the support and everything in between for my own life…

Only I can make good things happen for me.

I want a lot more things…

I want a mansion. I’ve even designed this in my head. There will be a massive club on the ground floor. A huge room with a white tiled floor, models serving drinks all over the place (men and women or my wife might say no!) – No more will people wait for drinks in a club!

It will only serve the best drinks. It will all be FREE. Maybe I’ll even give everyone who comes $10,000 just for turning up…

Taylor Swift and Kanye will perform together, this place will be so good they won’t hate each other anymore…

This club room will lead out to the pool. We’ll have pool parties. It will be somewhere where it’s warm all year. I will fly all my best friends out all the time on my plane.

Upstairs there will be a cosy R&B and shisha room. The coolest room on Earth, and maybe I will be cool for creating it.

Business deals will happen. When the night is over there will be hundreds of cars laid on for the guests to get to a hotel for the night. Maybe I’ll pay for the hotel too. The next day I can fly everybody home to wherever they live.

I’ve only had this dream for about a year though. I love flying and aviation but haven’t done for long. I don’t know where my new obsession has come from….

I watch Air Crash Investigation all the time. Not to see crashes but to learn what not to do! I truly believe I could land a plane if both pilots became incapacitated on my next flight!

I secretly hope this might happen.

I could be a hero. Or everyone could die and all my dreams will be over. But at least one dream will have come true – I will have flown.

Everyone talks about having a retirement plan and a pension. I don’t have one and people think I am crazy. My parents hate it.

I just believe I’ll have everything figured out by then. I will work until I am no longer able to in any case because I will love what I am doing…

Maybe my website will still be going and I’ll have a million followers and hundreds of thousands of articles.

I think I’ll still be partying in my club into old age too…

Why do people even retire? When you retire you are much more likely to die because your brain goes to sleep.

Sir Alex Ferguson retired from managing Manchester Utd but has he retired from work? Absolutely not. He is a Director at the club, he teaches leadership at Harvard. He doesn’t want to die. I don’t want to die young either, that’s why I don’t have a pension – maybe.

I just believe I will reach my dreams. Maybe not this one, but I think I will be ok.

Plus not having a backstop is scary, it makes you NEED to be better. I cannot fail or I will be homeless when I’m 60.

I’ve forgotten what the point of this post was. I’ve got carried away, I’ve just burnt my breakfast in the oven. I was looking forward to that too. This wouldn’t happen in the mansion, the cooks would have taken care of it…

I write all the time that happiness isn’t material and that’s true. But I’ve never had this life and I want to witness it. I want my friends to witness it too…

Maybe I will become unhappy and hate my life. Then I’ll just sell everything. I will give everything I have to charity. I could help millions of people and myself.

I need to work even harder.

-Matthew Brown

What do you want to be when you grow up? If you can help me be a pilot message me!

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