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I’ve just read the book, ‘As a Man Thinketh.’ A literary essay by James Allen from 1902 which has opened my eyes to just how powerful our minds actually are.

To me, as someone who needs a lot of practice to overcome the destructive thoughts of my mind, this is a fascinating subject. I know that if I can keep learning about this stuff, one day I will conquer all the negativity that clouds my mind and shackles my productivity every day.

We really are the sum of all our thoughts, our thoughts control our body and are the only influence on our successes and failures in life.

I have wrote previously about the power of the creative imagination and the importance of overcoming the fear of failure.

I have discussed the merits of writing down everything that scares you, makes you anxious or nervous to develop a clear state of mind.

I have revealed that happiness is a direct result of your state of mind.

This article is a follow up to all these previous statements. It is vital that I take this a bit further as understanding the power of your own mind is truly a life changing subject.

Having the ability to control your mind entirely will take you to a new level. I’m no longer talking about small tactics that could improve your own life, but something that will take you to the level of a god.

We’ve all met someone that we instantly admired. Someone that just seemed to have it all together.

These people are impossibly serene, calm, happy, confident and composed. People follow them. People worship them. They are idolised like kings by their peers and from afar. They can teach anyone they ever meet what it is to be insanely charismatic.

I want to be like that. Not so people like me. Just enough so that I like myself.

This may sound like I hate myself, but that isn’t true, I just know I could like me better.

I want to be a better person. I want to have power over all my thoughts and therefore my actions. Imagine if you never lost your temper ever again, you never shouted again, you never cursed or blamed others for your failures?

It sounds so easy to just be in control of who you are, but to me it is the hardest thing I have ever attempted. I’ve always worn my heart on my sleeve, I am emotional and I sometimes do stupid and selfish things.

Generally I probably am quite selfish.

I am also quite bad at applying all the things I learn and the things I write about to my own life. I sometimes blame others for my shortcomings. I take things out on those I love the most. I sabotage my own happiness.

Not only will controlling your mind make you calmer, happier and empowered; it will also protect you from diseases, both mental and physical.

It will prevent worry, anxiety, stress and anguish. It will prevent these things turning into physical ailments and maybe even life threatening conditions.

Our mind is our Garden of Eden, it is where every part of our being grows. It is also where weeds can fester and grow and if we are not careful they can outgrow all of our blossoming, beautiful flowers of thought…

Just like manicuring your garden, your minds needs the same regular, if not constant attention to bloom. It takes a lot of practice, patience and skill but the rewards are infinite and eternal.

At the moment I’m a lazy gardener. I do want to have the perfect meadow but I don’t put enough effort into controlling all the weeds. I know that if I want to achieve the lofty ambitions I have for my life I need to do a lot more.

The great thing is I am always collecting the right tools for the job. I learn and practice every day. I am stockpiling my arsenal ready to go to war on the weeds that are trying to destroy my mind.

I need to get to it, I should have started long ago but I didn’t understand the true power that having a serene mind holds…

I can control my own destiny, but it will take conscious effort.

All the thoughts I permit myself to have will transform into their physical equivalent.

Mastering this will enable me to be happy, to be a leader for my family, to be admired, to have no regrets, to be more productive and to be more focused on what matters.

I want to get rid of anxiety, worry and stress. I want to take quicker steps towards my dreams. I want to make sure I achieve everything that I want to. I want to be one of the ‘lucky’ one’s.

Most importantly though, I want to help others.

I want you to understand the power that you have in your mind to be the person that you want to be.

Hopefully through these words we have spiritually met. I hereby give you my tools to use on your own meadow. I hope you free yourself from whatever weeds you are struggling to destroy and you become free. Free to be what you already are – the master of your own destiny.

-Matthew Brown

What do you think? I’d love to hear your comments…

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