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This is How Having Children Could Make You Rich

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Children are horrible.

Dirty, smelly, lazy and selfish little people who drain all your resources, demand your attention, demand you take care of their every need and can barely speak English.

We have no choice as parents/step parents: These monsters have to live with us and we have to deal with this crap life or else we are seen as bad people.

For some reason we don’t want to be seen as bad people because then our Children may be taken away from us, but would that be so terrible…?

Freedom, at last!

That is one way we could look at them…

OR we could see them as the little canny geniuses that they are, a miracle of life and something that gives your life meaning…

If you look closely enough at the wonder of Children you will see that it is in fact you who needs to change and live your life like it is your last – because it is.

Enjoy the ride, go back to your childhood, and follow the dreams that once were so real…

To be successful in life you almost certainly need to do something that you love.

To do this you need to be more like a child!

Doing something you love is the only way you can possibly hope to gain the motivation that you need to achieve greatness.

When I was a little kid I was obsessed by trains. I wanted the biggest model railway setup in the world! I thought when I grew up I would ride on every possible type of train to all the biggest cities and explore. I wondered how amazing my life would be…

Now when I get on a train I hate it. They’re always late, overcrowded and made up of dirty rickety old carriages that seem like they could fall apart any second.

As a kid being late would have been perfect: More time around trains, more time to explore and more time to wonder. More time to create future plans, to be amazed, to be a dreamer.

When we were kids we ONLY did what we loved, and when we were told to do anything different, there was a lot of screaming and tantrums.

Why then do we accept this as normal when we are adults…??

Unfortunately we are taught and programmed as we grow up to be institutionalised losers…

We get taught to be a meaningless cog in the wheel of life.

We learn that we must work hard to achieve anything. We get told we must save money and that credit cards are the devil. We get told buying a house is a great investment. We are told to plan for our retirement when we are 65. We are brainwashed into thinking doing something that you hate for 45 years without being fired is a successful life…


The worst part is, we as parents then actually encourage our children to have the same pointless existence as we have suffered.

We are taught this by the government…

The school system is designed to limit our ambition so that we are predictable. They want easy to manage, cheap workhorses. They want us to be able to fund our own retirement and nursing home fees…

A retirement that will be mostly spent in the local working men’s club, rather than in that Caribbean mansion you used to dream about.

So, how do you reject this life you have been brainwashed to accept and add your own unique value to the world…?

You need to think about what you used to love as a child.

Write a list. The chances are you will still enjoy one or more of these things. Then write down what you enjoy now…

Compare the lists. Could you combine any of these things to create something new…?

Could you create something great, something that you love, something that could improve the lives of millions and your own future?

For example, if you loved playing football as a kid and now you enjoy learning about fast cars, maybe you could get a job selling supercars to footballers…sounds fun!

I loved golf as a kid, and still do. I also enjoy writing and travelling. Maybe one day I can write for a golf magazine reviewing courses around the world!

Why are we not taught to think like this as we become teenagers and young adults? We are we not taught to be creative, to create opportunities for ourselves and how to get what we want out of life?

I remember doing a computer questionnaire in high school about your interests and then it came up with jobs that would suit you. Everyone who said they liked the outdoors were going to be golf greenkeepers apparently! Fair enough the technology was awful, but the thinking behind the programme was even worse.

Why is creativity not the most important thing taught in schools?

We have to teach ourselves, so now is the time to learn to look at life as the opportunity that it is in every situation.

Rather than hating my train journeys to work I now think; why not try and help them? Why not come up with ideas for a better train network or how they could improve their operation?

I could then send them these ideas for free. Who knows they might help a lot of people. If not, at least that’s more constructive than being annoyed the whole journey. It is more ideas for me, it is more practice at being creative.

If you take this approach to finding your meaning in life and you learn how to see opportunity in everything you could find a new career doing something that you love…

Or maybe you will just learn to love your Children for the wonders that they are and you will learn to embrace them for the explorers and dreamers that they are, that we all once were.

Good luck with your adventure. I’m going to start mine tomorrow – I get to go on a rickety old train to work: Yay!

-Matthew Brown

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