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The Secret to True Happiness

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I worry far too much. About 90% of my thoughts are spent presiding over things I have no control of, or worrying about the future. It is really stupid…

Worrying about money never made me any money.

Worrying about getting sick causes stress which will probably make me sick.

Worrying about my wife leaving me won’t make her stay.

Worrying about failing won’t help me succeed.

Not only that, I know 99% of the things I worry about WILL NEVER HAPPEN! I really am wasting my life when I worry – about anything.

Imagine how much more productive I could be if I never worried about anything ever again!

I know I am not alone and I try to improve every day. Maybe what I’ve learnt can help you too…

Know this:

It is impossible for negative and positive thoughts to enter your mind at the same time.

When negativity tries to break its way in think about something positive. Think of the things you are grateful for. Think of all the great things going on in your life and the opportunities that you have.

This takes practice though. Negativity is a devious bastard and he doesn’t give up easily.

In time though positivity will prevail. It is bigger, stronger and more powerful, but it needs your help to win the world’s biggest battle of tug of war.

Perceived bad things happen for us in life, they don’t happen to us. See the opportunity in everything and be grateful that you can learn and grow stronger from any experience.

Positivity unlocks the door to happiness.

The secret to happiness is: It is a state of mind, and you can control it

It is all in your head, it is not material.

I used to be stupid enough to think and say things like, ‘when I make more money and we move into a bigger house I will be so happy. I will never be negative about anything ever again.’

The truth is: If you aren’t happy now any changes in your circumstances won’t make you happier in the future.

Some of the unhappiest and most unfulfilled people I know are those with a lot of money, those I used to perceive as the lucky ones who had everything.

It is in your power to be happy regardless of what you are doing in your life. You can choose to change your outlook to a positive one at any time.

We also need to be there for others…

One of the most interesting things I have read recently is, ‘treat everyone like they are going to die tomorrow.’

Make their last day on Earth a special one, treat them like you want to be treated every day.

Often those who seem to be brimming with confidence are those struggling the most on the inside. Understand that we all have our fears and insecurities. We all need help navigating our way through this treacherous journey of life.

-Matthew Brown

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What tactics do you have to keep negativity at bay? Let me know in the comments!

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