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How to be Instantly Likeable

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To those who don’t know me, I probably look miserable. Maybe those who do know me think that too, but I hope not.

I don’t have a nice smile, in fact I try and hide it whenever I can. Probably because I’m a bit insecure, but mostly because when I smile I think I have the fattest face in the world!

When I smile my head goes from a relatively normal shape to that of a beach ball in an instant. So I don’t smile as often as often as I should, especially on photos. They say the camera adds 10lbs, but I think it’s more like 50. Maybe this is just what I actually look like and I need to do more in the gym.

I think it’s weird sometimes that nobody really knows what they actually look like – we have to believe mirrors and photos. We can look massively different from one mirror to the next, so what is the truth?!?

When Anna gets ready in ‘the mirror that makes me look skinny’ we have a good day. In fact the mirror in our bedroom is a random wardrobe door which has a mirror on it from an old house of mine. The rest of the wardrobe is in the garage. We could buy an actual mirror, but THIS mirror makes her look thin. What has the world come to!

To avoid fat face syndrome on pictures I usually go for a straight face. The sexy smouldering look. The problem is, I can’t pull this off. I look like an angry, constipated, future terrorist (especially now, thanks to my new 2017 beard!) Who would want to talk to me if they didn’t know me?

Even if I did manage to pull off this look, everyone would hate me. ‘Look at that poser!’

Smiling on the other hand holds magical powers…

Have you ever seen a picture of someone that you didn’t know yet been instantly drawn to them? I guarantee it will be down to their smile. They look warm, friendly, genuine, fun and trustworthy.

Smiling makes you approachable, open and welcome anywhere. It helps people relate to you and want to be in your life. I’ve only recently realised the power of this and from now on I’m going to start embracing the fat face.

I want people to like me, I want to open myself up to opportunity. Opportunities happen when you meet new people. Maybe people will want to talk to the guy with the fat face more than they will want to talk to the weird dude who looks angry at life…?

Today I went to the pub on my own for a quick pint. I moved to Burnley more than 2 years ago, yet I still feel like I’m in a new town. I went to a pub where I didn’t know anyone, there was loads of cars on the car park, and I was scared to go in. What if they all look at me and wonder what I’m doing there? What if I’m not welcome? What if I look like a loser with no friends?

I then realised that this was stupid. Knowing the power of the smile means that I can put myself in to any situation, any new place, with new people and I’ll be welcome with open arms. I’m friendly, open, and approachable. I also know that I can talk to anyone. So I have learned to embrace situations like this, I enjoy it, I experience new things and I learn more about myself in the process.

Actions speak louder than words. Your smile says to others that you are happy to see them, and they will then be happy to see you. When someone smiles at you, you feel special, you feel wanted, and it breeds happiness.

Today was supposed to be my day off from writing, but I can’t have one. I love it too much. I am smiling writing this post. Even if no one reads this and no one visits my website I will never stop doing it. It has changed my life.

If I don’t write, I don’t smile as much. I want to smile more. I know the power that it has to improve my day, every day. I’m embracing the fat face. I want to be ugly and happy.

From now on I will smile when someone smiles at me. I will smile when someone frowns at me. I will smile at people who are miserable…

After all, no one needs a smile more than those who have none left to give…

– Matthew Brown

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