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How to Live the Life of a Dreamer

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Magic happens when you believe in it and when you want to witness it. When you want to change and live the life of a dreamer.

You are only limited by your own imagination. Excuses like these are all redundant:

‘If only I had money I could…’

‘If I’d done better in school I could…’

‘If I didn’t have an expensive family I could…’

‘If the time was right I could…’

You don’t need money or education to learn, to do what you love, to develop a skill, to earn more money, to change your life.

All you need is a creative imagination and the courage to act upon your desires and make a start towards your new destination in life. There is never a right time to do something, so why not just start today?

Better to try something than live with regret all your life.

Unfortunately the world is full of people who will criticise you for trying and perhaps failing, while being secretly jealous of your courage to put yourself out there and follow your dreams.

These are the same people that when you do eventually succeed will want to take the credit.

These people are also your closest friends and family, it is human nature, it’s not their fault. But it is your fault if you pay any attention and listen to their well-meaning loserness!

The biggest obstacle to action is the fear of failure. If you overcome this beast you are half way there. Just do it! Try, fail, learn from the experience, try again, and repeat.

As the great inventor, Thomas Edison said, ’I haven’t failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways which don’t work.’


About 6 months ago I realised that I liked writing and I loved reading posts such as this on Linked In. About 2 months ago I thought why not combine the two and start writing posts myself.

I didn’t know how to do it, I wasn’t qualified to do it, I had no experience and I thought my family and friends would laugh at me.

So what…

After all did the first ever philosopher, inventor or consultant get taught in a classroom or did they learn by studying others, analysing life and using their own experiences to learn? I figured that if I can write about my own experiences, add insight from what I learn along the way and create relatable content that could help or entertain people that was a good enough reason to just begin. So, how to begin…

  1. Read, Read and Read

If you want to learn how to do something reading is the first and most valuable step. I read every day, without fail, even weekends. It might be half a book or it might just be a single article on Linked In or Entrepreneur.com

Reading is learning. It can take 20 years for someone to write a book and only a week for you to read their work. That’s 20 years of wisdom learned in a week! If you read 4 books a month that’s 80 years of knowledge every month! Or something like that.

  1. Study the Masters of your Craft

If you want to be the best at something, study those who have already mastered it. I read to learn about people, what did they do well, can I do that? What more could I maybe add that makes me unique.

Get a mentor, this could be a real person who has been there and done it or get as many virtual mentors as you can find. The great news is – you can choose anyone in the world to be your mentor and you don’t have to ask! Just read about their work, study their successes (and failures) and apply anything valuable to your own journey.

  1. Practice

There’s only so much you can learn without doing. Accept that what you do at first might need some work. The great thing about writing is you can edit it before anyone sees it. As Ernest Hemingway said, ‘the first draft of anything is shit.’

But whatever you want to do, whatever your product may be, you need to practice over and over to keep on improving. Analyse your work, refine it, ask others opinions and act upon this feedback but don’t strive for perfection.

Perfection doesn’t exist, it promotes self-doubt and procrastination: These are the enemy of the dreamer. There comes a point when you need to just do it, better to do something that’s 80% perfect 50 times than do something that’s 95% once.

  1. Plan

Learning is a life long journey, however once you have gathered enough knowledge and you have practiced for a period you need to just begin. You do however need a plan. Not a big complicated plan, unless you are looking for £1million in funding but just enough to ensure that you have a goal and an idea of what you need to do each day to achieve this.

Every day I write as many ideas for new posts as possible, some of them are stupid, so what. The good ideas don’t come out if you are looking for perfection.

Tip: If you can’t think of 1 good idea, think of 10. That way you aren’t striving for perfection, all your ideas will come out. You can then keep the good ones and burn the horrible ones.

  1. Do

Have faith in what you can do and act on that faith. Give in to your desire, be a dreamer with the courage to achieve. Put yourself out there into the world, overcome any temporary failure with absolute persistence. The universe rewards the dreamer who possesses this dogged persistence to succeed. It rewards the dreamer who demands life gives him what he wants and he who will not accept failure or inaction.

Believe in yourself, believe in miracles. Be the miracle and change your world, and maybe that of others too.

-Matthew Brown

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