The Power of Angels

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For those lucky enough Christmas is a time of love. A time of hope, joy, gratitude and fond remembrance of great times past. A time for spending with family and loved ones. The world stops and people celebrate the great lives that they have.

For some however, Christmas is a time of great sadness. There are those who have lost family or those closest to them. There are those who are lonely, those who are suffering with illness and those who struggle to find any kind of happiness at this time of year.

The world is seemingly full of horror. We are reminded of this daily in the news, on social media, on the street – bad things happen.

The world, however, is also full of love – thanks to the angels that walk amongst us. These people are everywhere, you just don’t often see or hear of them because they are not ‘newsworthy.’

I’m talking about normal people like you. The teachers who devote their lives to educating small minds and make Christmas a magical time for thousands upon thousands of children. The single parents who struggle on, working hard to provide their children with an unforgettable Christmas, whilst also perhaps struggling with unimaginable loss.

The doctors and nurses who will sacrifice their Christmas to care for others. The chefs who will keep us fed with great food over the festive period. The retail workers struggling with the manic Christmas shoppers. The tradespeople who are always on call to save the day; fixing potentially Christmas shattering problems for all us mere mortals who can’t even hang a shelf. Anyone who gives food, shelter or company to those who need it. Those who recognise the importance of and understand the power of helping others. These are the most powerful people on Earth, people like you.

The feeling of giving is more powerful than that of receiving, unless you are just giving for personal gain. Give whatever you can without wishing to receive and claim the power of an angel. A power that can change your whole outlook on life and allow you to see the world as the happy place that it can, and should, be.

Maybe you have had this power for years and it seems useless? Maybe you are an angel and yet it seems that your world is crashing around you? Maybe no one appreciates you? Maybe you resent those who just take from you and never even ask how your day has been…?

Make sure you carry on; the world needs you! It will repay you in time. Your time of recognition is around the corner and it will likely come from the most unlikely source. No one can be a shining light for so long and not be rewarded for it. Have faith at Christmas that all your efforts are worth it.

The greatest gift you can give this Christmas is your time to help others. The most powerful gift you can give is a ‘thank you’ to those you owe it to. You don’t need money to buy these gifts they come from your heart.

Take the time this Christmas to thank the angels in your life. Tell them how much they mean to you and how grateful you are. I definitely need to thank mine…

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